Rebel Coffee Co - Single Origin - Colombian 450g


A rich smoothness that would have been approved by Pablo himself, the Rebel Coffee Co. Colombian Single Origin Coffee has everything you would expect out of one of the finest coffee growing regions in the world.

Small batch, hand roasted quality that just does not exist when you buy coffee from a supermarket or a cafe.

You can smell the freshness the moment you open the packet and the sweet caramel taste will stay on your pallet long into the morning.

Rebel Coffee Co Colombian Single Origin Tasting Notes:

A mellow acidity with a strong sweet caramel undertone with a late nutty taste. Medium roast to preserve flavour.


    100g = 10 Servings

    10g per 1 Cup of Coffee


    Three different varieties are available. If you have a grinder, select the beans option for maximum freshness. 

    If you have an espresso machine select the Espresso Blend. The beans are ground finely to provide maximum taste when using an espresso machine.

    If you use a french press or a plunger, select the Plunger Blend. The beans are ground coarsely to provide maximum benefit when being filtered. 

    Also Available: 

    100g / 250g / 1kg

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