Rebel Coffee Co. Performance Blend - 250g


A typical day or tough workout places a significant demand on your mind and muscles.

Performance Blend was carefully formulated by a team of Functional Fitness, Cross Training Athletes and Coffee Addicts, specifically to contain DOUBLE the caffeine content than your average cup of coffee.

A natural alternative to pre workout supplements, giving you the boost of energy you need to hit that next PR!  


  • High caffeine to fuel your performance with double the amount of caffeine of regular coffee beans
  • Medium roast providing quality taste and limiting bitterness
  • Natural source of Antioxidants
  • Each bag is freshly roasted locally ensuring optimal quality and maximum taste
Tasting Notes:
  • The blend starts with smooth silky notes of malt and chocolate.
  • A balanced citrus acidity with a full body touched with a bitter-sweet coca and caramel finish. 


  • 250g = 25 Servings
  • 10g per 1 Cup of Coffee


Three different varieties are available. If you have a grinder, select the beans option for maximum freshness. 

If you have an espresso machine select the Espresso Blend. The beans are ground finely to provide maximum taste when using an espresso machine.

If you use a french press or a plunger, select the Plunger Blend. The beans are ground coarsely to provide maximum benefit when being filtered. 

Check out the full range from Rebel Coffee Co. HERE

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