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A typical day or workout places a significant demand on your mind and muscles. Performance Blend was carefully formulated to help your body exceed these demands more easily, while promoting long term health and performance.

About Performance Blend:

The Performance Blend is hand roasted and carefully blended to optimise the sweet harmony between taste and caffeine content. 

Providing a natural source of energy and antioxidants, the Performance Blend is the perfect source to help you perform at your best and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Our beans are honestly sourced, hand roasted in small batches locally in South Australia. This ensures that the blend is the freshest possible before it is brewed to your perfection.

Tasting Notes:

The Performance Blend is a Medium Roast, providing quality taste and limiting bitterness whilst ensuring the caffeine content is maximised to fuel your performance.  

The blend starts with smooth silky notes of malt and chocolate. A balanced citrus acidity with a full body touched with a bitter-sweet coca and caramel finish. 


    100g = 10 Servings

    10g per 1 Cup of Coffee


    Three different varieties are available. If you have a grinder, select the beans option for maximum freshness. 

    If you have an espresso machine select the Espresso Blend. The beans are ground finely to provide maximum taste when using an espresso machine.

    If you use a french press or a plunger, select the Plunger Blend. The beans are ground coarsely to provide maximum benefit when being filtered. 

    Also Available: 

    250g / 450g / 1kg

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