Toddy Cold Brew System


Now you can brew your own cold brew at home! It's that easy!

The Toddy Cold Brew System is a revolutionary method of using the method of cold brew to deliver deliciously easy, smooth cup with less acid, less bitterness and amazingly flavored cold brew concentrate at home.

Just add coffee grounds, preferably Rebel Coffee Co's Performance Blend Grounds and cool water. Allow it to steep for 12-24 hours and you will have next level cold brew concentrate!

Why is the coffee so good?

The long, slow soak creates a thick coffee concentrate with seriously sweet chocolate and deliciously malty flavours we love. Simply add ice & water and you will have a delicious cup of cold brew. We like it black, but it's your choice to mix it up with cream or almond milk.


  • Brewing container with Handle
  • Glass Decanter with Lid
  • Reusable Filters x 2
  • Rubber Stopper x 1
  • Instructions & Recipe Guide

Makes: 1.4L of Rebel Coffee Concentrate making approximately 5L of Cold Brew.


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