Rebel Coffee Co. Diner Mug


Rebel Coffee Co. Diner Mug

What is more important, your coffee or the mug you drink this golden java out of?

We couldn't decide so we have manufactured a seriously RAD mug to match the RADNESS of our Performance Blend. 

Get your workout in with this mug, it is seriously the heaviest mug available. They weigh 17oz (481g)! Sculpt those summer guns while you drink coffee. Could life seriously be this good?

Crafted from high quality porcelain in off white, splashed with our vintage Rebel Coffee Co. Logo on one side and matched with motto Brew. Enjoy. Perform. on the flip side.

Time to crank that french press, pour the perfect shot, sit back and enjoy your Performance Blend.


  • On average, these mugs hold 11.5 volumetric oz (345ml) when filled to the brim
  • This mug is designed for an 8 to 10 oz beverage
  • These porcelain diner mugs are Microwave Safe

Check out the full range from Rebel Coffee Co. HERE

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