Aeropress Coffee Maker + Free 100g Rebel Coffee Co. Sample


It's the best coffee you will ever make!

The Aeropress is an easy, lightweight and compact coffee maker, allowing you to create the perfect cup of coffee.

Just add Rebel Coffee Co's Performance Blend and hot water. In less than a minute, you will have a great cup of coffee. Every time!

Exclusive to The WOD Life, the Aeropress comes with a 100g Rebel Coffee Co. sample already ground ready to go so you can get started straight away.

Why is the coffee so good?

The secret is the full immersion of the coffee grounds mixed with the perfect air pressure extraction. 

This simple method delivers optimum flavour and zero acidity.


  • All plastic construction - compact, lightweight and durable
  • Makes 8oz coffee perfect for your Rebel Mug
  • Dimensions: 4" wide x 5 1/2" Tall
  • Manufactured by Aerobie

Every AeroPress sold on receives a FREE 100g Rebel Coffee Co. sample bag of Coarse Grind so you can get pressing straight away!

Discover how to use it below:

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